Main specialisation: oral surgery, microscopic endodontics surgery, dental implantology.;

Full range of dental surgery procedures, including: root resection and hemisection, removal of retained teeth, bone regeneration and reconstruction, dental alveolar bone regeneration with injection of bone substitutes;

Plastic surgery and removal of frenulum, periodontal regeneration;

Treatment of children and adults under local anesthesia, anesthesia and sedation;

Oral surgery under general anaesthesia;

Orthodontic treatment by specialists;

Modern endodontics – root canal treatment using ultrasound and surgical microscope and magnifying glass;

Full range of prosthetic treatment for their teeth and implants (Implant);

Cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening single session, veneers, crowns;

Treatment of periodontitis (periodontics) and mucous membranes of the mouth, cutting plastic and oral frenulum;

Oral X-ray laboratory, digital dental x-ray machine (visiograph), panoramic dental x-ray, computed tomography of the jaws, TMJ x-ray pictures;

Diagnosis and treatment of TMJ, treatment of TMJ disorders with relaxation splint;


We all know how big an impact on our quality of life is a complete, functional and aesthetic teeth. Loss of one or more teeth as a result of an accident, advanced tooth decay, disease, paradontosis, can seriously complicate our lives. We offer you, a proven implant system, allowing for a perfect replacement of missing teeth.

Dental implants can restore fully functional dental function, solving problems arising while wstetyczne patients. New teeth not only look good, but also to restore the joy of eating, speaking, and a beautiful smile. In our clinic, we offer comprehensive dental care and implant quality, we employ highly qualified staff and patient friendly.

W Dental Surgery and Implantology Clinic perform a full range of treatments about implant: regeneration of alveolar bone, sinus lift (sinus) and others also depending on indications in intravenous anesthesia with the assistance of an anesthetist (ie anesthesia). We use the latest technology, our offices are equipped with modern dental equipment specialist.