Our Implant Clinic was established on the basis of other non-public registered Dental Centre „ALPHA-DENT” in the province of Silesia and runs continuously for 12 years. Head office of Private Clinics, Doctor of Medicine Slawomir Sobczyk located in Czestochowa, ul. Lubliniecka 9 and Al. Pokoju 14/35. Doctor of Medicine Slawomir Sobczyk is a specialist maxillofacial surgery, a member of national and international training implant, a practitioner with 15 years of experience, and 5-year-old practice in the Department of Oral Surgery, University of Wroclaw. Author of numerous works and papers presented at national and international symposia. Coordinator and teacher of young doctors and conducting training courses and implant for doctors and assistants who want to be trained in implant dentistry.

In our clinic we use modern diagnosis based on the patient’s treatment needs of digital videographics and computed tomography. In working with our patients to the needs of implantation, we use the most modern systems implants leading global companies and innovative materials in guided bone regeneration jaw. Used in the clinic replacing the bone materials and implants that offer patients a number of years, they have certificates of the European Union and the United States. Implant Clinic Doctor of Medicine Slawomir Sobczyk, has its own dental lab so that our patients are comprehensively treated from the beginning that is implanted to establish the healed implants, crowns, bridges, etc.. In this way you can be sure the implementation of the whole process of treatment by a single doctor.

Dental Surgery and Implantology Clinic also provide a full range of treatments around implant: regeneration of alveolar bone, sinus lift (sinus) and others, also depending on the indications for intravenous anesthesia with the assistance of anesthetist (ie anesthesia).