Most of us have, so far, solved the problem of replacing conventional dental bridges and dentures. Both of these methods will help, but they are not the best solution.

Bridge as the name says, fills the gap between the teeth. As well as the communication bridge, the bridge dental needs two stable pillars. The design requires two pillars of healthy, functional, wholesome teeth. These teeth need to be permanently deprived of enamel and will never meet its primary function.

Denture also brings considerable problems. Over time, the stabilization of the prosthesis is more difficult. Some patients raises the question of bone loss in the jaw prosthesis. Others have a problem with veined oral mucosal graft under used. The person wearing the prosthesis is not able to properly grind the food, which in consequence can lead to serious disorders of the digestive tract. The prosthesis also prevent aesthetic reasons.

How to operate implants?

The implant is an artificial tooth root replacement that is built into the jawbone and in conjunction with the pillar forms the basis for fixing the new tooth. Artificial tooth is then mounted like a natural tooth. This is the only way to ensure stability of implant, comparable to your own teeth.

How is the procedure performed?

Implantation takes place so that the dentist places on the jaw or jaw implant, which is a small screw. After healing of the implant within the following 6-12 weeks in the second part of the screw is mounted, so-called. pillar. Pillar has a cylinder shape that protrudes from the gum. For this filter mount is then attached easily ceramic artificial tooth. Visually, it is indistinguishable from the natural tooth and the bite is very stable.

Do I need to worry about pain?

Definitely do not be afraid of pain. The introduction of the implant into the jaw bone is not something unusual for a trained dentist. This procedure is carried out under conditions normally existing in a dental office, under local anesthesia. The introduction of a single implant takes about twenty minutes.

Who do we recommend implants?

Implants recommend to everyone. With their help, you can fix complement of large and small gaps, as well as fill the gap shortened teeth. Implants also recommend those toothless. In each case adequately dentist determines the general condition of the patient.

How long implants will serve its purpose?

As specified in your dentist’s absolutely necessary to observe systematynej and accurate oral hygiene. The periodontal inflammation can cause prolapse of the implant. Proper care of implants gives rise to the functional durability for a lifetime.