Detailed calculations and estimate the work of the doctor discusses with the patient.

Prices of dental implants:
Surgical Phase I: from art implant 1500-2500 zł
II phase of surgery: + unveiling implant healing abutment foundation 300-500 zł
Implant instant price + implant connector depending on the type and diameter 1800-3000 zł
Eligibility for treatment, consultation, analysis of X-ray images preliminary study 50 zł
Panoramic radiograph of the surgical template and markers 100 zł
Elevation of the sinus (sinus):
– with autogenous: from 1500 zł
– using a bone substitute material (poresorb, Cerasorb, Biogran and others): from 500 zł. Costs of substitute materials are discusses with the patient.
Bone graft to improve the quality and quantity of ground bone for dental implants in the chin area, triangle for molar, jaw tumor from 500 zł
The use of titanium fasteners transplant ie miniplates, screws Calculations are discusses with the patient
The use of titanium fasteners transplant ie miniplates, screws from 200 zł/unit.
Dental Implant:
Porcelain crown on skeleton nickel-titanium: from 700 zł
Porcelain crown on cubic zirconia : from 1000 zł
Most porcelain bolted or cemented to the implant: from 700 zł/unit
Prosthesis settling on the latches or footbridge 800-1200 zł + price fastening tabs and inserts according to the catalog.
Laser therapy 20 zł/unit
Sealing the tooth 35 zł
Varnishing teeth 80 zł
Tooth filling 100-200 zł
Rebuilding tooth 100-300 zł
Removal of scale 100 zł
Removal of sludge 100 zł
Root canal treatment 100 zł/visit
Microscopic root canal treatment 200 zł/unit
Anesthesia to treat 20-50 zł
Oral X-ray laboratory 20 zł
digital dental x-ray machine (visiograph) 50 zł
computed tomography of the jaws 50 zł
Milk tooth removal from 100 zł
Removal of permanent tooth from 150 zł
Surgical removal of tooth 300-500 zł
Post-extraction dressing 50 zł
Abscess incision from 100 zł
Tooth extraction under general anesthesia 150 zł + general anesthesia: 300-400 zł
Hemisection and radektomia 150-250 zł
Resection root resection cavity filled with 400-500 zł
Removal of nodules, epulus etc., biopsy 200-300 zł
Microscopic endodontics surgery Calculations are discusses with the patient
Teeth Whitening whole from 350 zł
Single tooth whitening 150 zł/visit
Composite cladding 200 zł
Ceramic cladding from 700 zł
Complete acryl denture 800-1000 zł
Partial denture 700-1000 zł
Skeletal prosthesis 1000-1500 zł
Elastic prothesis 1000-1200 zł
Porcelain crown from 700 zł
Full ceramic crown from 1000 zł
Porcelain veneer from 700 zł
Onlay, Inlay from 400 zł
Crown-root individual contribution 200-300 zł